Why can’t we just love one another?


I took this photo with zero idea of what caption it would be, if any.

All I could think about on Sunday was the horrific shootings in Orlando. I kept coming back to the same question I’ve asked myself since as far back as I can remember.

Why can’t we just love one another?

Seems simple enough, right? As humans we seem to love tearing each other down, faulting people and highlighting their weaknesses. It’s the same behavior we see in high school and it doesn’t seem to change into adulthood. Why does the way one human chooses to live their life make anther human so angry and so irate that they have to take brutal action to ‘rectify’ the situation? Why is so much time focused on hating others?

If you think about it, it really starts with us. Every time I want to say something mean or gossip about something to someone else, I try to stop and ask myself, ‘why I am doing this?’. The majority of the time it’s because I feel threatened or insecure about myself therefore “bitching” about someone or something makes me feel better. Temporarily.

So perhaps we all try to focus, today and in the future, to being kinder, loving a little harder and building each other up rather than tearing someone down. Spread a little love today.

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