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Nick Hounslow KTLA


Watch the Tarzan-inspired workouts with celebrity trainer, Nick Hounslow!

Nick Hounslow Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

14 ways to stick to your fitness goals during summer travel.

Nick Hounslow KTLA


Watch to see the swimwear trends for men!

Nick Hounslow Details


Nick Hounslow shares with the best ways to lose belly weight.

Nick Hounslow Daily Burn

Daily Burn

Read on to get these 15 get-out-of-bed tricks from fitness pros, featuring Nick Hounslow.

Nick Hounslow Greatist


The worst fitness tips top trainers have ever heard.

Nick Hounslow MOST Fitness

MOST Fitness

Nick Hounslow, star of E! Network’s hottest new show, Hollywood Cycle, proves to us that he is the real deal.

Nick Hounslow Huffington Post

The Huffington Post

“Mentally, you have more time to reflect on life and truly process things,” said Nick Hounslow, star of E!’s “Hollywood Cycle.”

Nick Hounslow Men's Fitness Germany

Men's Fitness Germany

Nick Hounslow shares with Men’s Fitness Germany the best workouts to do while at the office.

Nick Hounslow Men's Fitness

Men's Fitness

Top trainers, Olympians, and professional athletes share the foods they can’t resist—including potatoes, pizza, and buffalo wings.

Nick Hounslow E! News

E! News

Catch Nick in the new E! reality series, Hollywood Cycle. The show takes a look behind the doors of Cycle House and the inner workings of the fitness industry’s most competitive group classes.

Nick Hounslow USA Today

USA Today

USA TODAY’s Carly Mallenbaum takes a spin with the stars of a new reality TV show ‘Hollywood Cycle’ set to premiere July 7 on E!.

Nick Hounslow

There’s another addictive reality show about to hit screens in the UK: Hollywood Cycle, which goes inside the adrenaline fuelled world of LA’s spinning culture.

Nick Hounslow E! Online

E! Online

Hollywood Cycle‘s Nick Hounslow Is Friends With Britney Spears? Find Out Which of Her Music Videos He Starred In!